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Millennium Plan

April 15th, 1996

A letter to the Daily Telegraph which was published on 15th April 1996.

Recognizing at last the economic folly of their single currency project, the French and German governments are now, according to Robert Shrimsley (report, April 10), threatening sanctions against British goods if we don’t follow them in their folly.

Leaving aside the utter illegality of such actions under the GATT agreements to which the French and Germans are signatories, who can now pretend that these countries are in any sense of the word our partners?  The fact is they are our fiercest rivals and it is absurd of us to hand over £10 billion a year to belong to a club organized for their benefit.

Disentangling ourselves from the EU would be easy, not difficult, bringing joy here and relief on the continent.  Preparing for and carrying out our divorce from the EU would be the best possible project for the new Millennium.