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Euroslave concept

February 2nd, 1992

A letter to the Daily Telegraph which was published on 11th February 1992.

It was written by Mrs Gillian Bush at the time when MPs had not yet been able to obtain copies of the Maastricht Treaty which they were having to debate and vote on.

As a member of the Campaign for an Independent Britain I have been able to study photocopies of the Maastricht Treaties (letter, Feb. 7th).

Among many worrying features which have not been made known to the public is that Article A (1) of the draft Treaty on European Union designates each one of us “a citizen of the Union”. This “Union” lacks an appropriate new name. A fellow member has suggested – “Euroslavia”. Thus our new nationality, to go with the new flag which Mr Hurd unveiled (report, Feb. 6th) must be that of “Euroslave”.

The flag appropriately shows the British lion feebly protesting with his tongue out while the stars of the other union members firmly clamp him.