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Show the flag with pride

October 18th, 1993

A letter to the Daily Telegraph which was published on 18th October 1993.

Hardly anything exposes more explicitly the rottenness at the heart of much of British officialdom than the Food from Britain Agency’s decision to suppress the use of the Union flag in its logo because it was “probably not allowed under EC regulations” (report, Oct 15th).

As Christopher Booker has cogently exposed week after week, there is a positive desire among many British bureaucrats to exaggerate and impose EC regulations on Britain in place of the sort of robust sentiment they ought to have – “This is my country and I will display its flag as I choose”.

In a similar spaniel-like fawning on the supposed wishes of foreigners, the British Airports Authority and the Sea Ports Authorities suppress the phrase “British passports” in favour of “EC Nationals”.  This phrase is inaccurate, has no legal standing and deeply offensive to millions of true British subjects.