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Blow Moulding Equipment (2)

June 19th, 1997

Report to Morecroft, Dawson & Garnetts

S F Bush


This report enquires into matters relevant to the dispute between Big K Manufacturing Company and TWA Machinery (Plastics) Ltd over the supply and commissioning of a blow moulding machine and mould from November 2nd 1984 to March 1985. Relevant court pleading, invoices and correspondence have been examined, but an inspection of the machine was not possible as it was destroyed in a fire at the premises of Big K in early 1986.

The premises of Big K have been inspected however, in August 1985 (in connection with a dispute between Big K and another supplier of blow moulding equipment). Comment is made on the premises’ suitability for a blow moulding operation. In this connection an assessment is made of the sensitivity of blow moulding operations to the quality of machine supervision by the operators and to the quality of the key services required by the machine, notably water and air.