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Selection of Injection Moulding Machine for Small Company Duty

May 14th, 1980

Report to Labone & Co Ltd.

S F Bush


  1. We have looked for a machine which, with a suitable mould and material selection, would produce tiny components (< ½ gm components at minimum cost).
  2. A key point has been the question of achievable shots per minute. There is a general disbelief in the Dynacast claim of 60 single impression shots per minute. We have not investigated this claim, since we have assumed that Dynacast machines are not available to Labone. Dry cycle times of around 0.8-1.0 seconds are quoted for a number of machines however.
  3. Seventy components per minute seems possible however via an 8-impression mould, working on a cycle time of around 7 seconds with the mould controlled at 80 oC. This could be obtained on an Austin Allen Gnat 250 PRT (details attached) with the smallest capacity injection unit (5 gm). Possibly higher rates of production could be obtained, dependent on mould design. The shot size would be about 1.7 gm so that about 25% of the shot would be in the components made (component weight 0.05 gm).