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Structure of this Website

This website is organised into 4 main sections (level 1) as shown above in the banner heading.  Each of those sections is split at level 2 into up to three means of communication – papers, articles, patents, reports, presentations and letters to the national press.

As shown in the right-hand panel of this page, papers are split into fields at level 3, e.g. in Science and Engineering, “Science of Process Manufacture” and “Systems Technology” are the two fields of publication of papers.  These in turn are split into sub-fields, e.g. “Mathematics and Computation” (level 4) each of which will have prefaces explaining the scope and basic concepts underpinning the papers listed.  Individual papers (level 5) are recorded as abstracts, together with the journals/conference proceedings where the full texts can be found[3].


[1]  These determine the key quality properties of dye uptake, strength and feel of the fibres.

[2] I.e. Leaping on Opportunities Presented by Advanced Research and Design.

[3]  This may require application to the copyright holders, or this website where industrial reports are concerned.ssu

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