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Scots in Parliament

June 19th, 2005

A letter to the Sunday Telegraph, the first paragraph of which was published on 19th June 2005.

As yet another Scot declares himself a contender for the leadership of the Conservative Party, the prospect arises that the leasership of all three main parties could be Scottish.  Whatever the personal merits of the Scottish contenders, might it just not occur to them, in all humility, that you can have too much of a good thing, particularly as Scots voices are already vastly over-represented on the English airwaves.

This year England cast more votes for the Conservatives than for Labour and Liberals and accounts for all but 4 Conservative seats in parliament. Might it not serve the Conservative cause better if the Scots would-be leaders in Southern English Seats applied themselves directly to reviving their party’s fortunes north of the border, which 50 years ago sent a majority of Conservatives to Westminster, but where today the Conservatives trail fourth behind the other three main parties.