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Lawrence report is offensive to ordinary British people

February 23rd, 1999

A letter to the Daily Telegraph which was published on 23rd February 1999.

Sir William Macpherson’s report on the Lawrence case (report, Feb. 22nd) has vastly exceeded its remit and represents a wholly disproportionate reaction to a tragic event.  The report is set to be used as a crowbar in a renewed Left-wing attack on British society to extract still more special tgreatment for tiny minorities, most of whom have been here for less than a generation, and none of whom amounts on the most elastic definition to more than 1.6 per cent of the population.

Already, the chairman of the race relations commission has joined in with accusations that the education system is institutionally racist.  The report calls for still more suppression of British culture in the education system, when already English children in Left-wing-controlled authorities such as Greenwich are reported as being deprived of their own English identity.  The proposal that those found guilty of a supposed racial motivation – ever more widely defined – should be subjected to compulsory anti-racist (in other words, anti-white) re-education programmes is reminiscent of the worst excesses of Stalinist Russia.

Macpherson’s conduct of the inquiry was carried out amid a cacophony of racial abuse, which had it been by English people, would have landed them in the dock accused of inciting racial hatred.

These proceedings have given grave offence to ordinary English people, most of whom have fathers and grandfathers who fought to put down real institutional racialism.  Many, if not most, members of ethnic minorities appreciate that they get a better deal here than in other European countries and their own countries of origin, which is why Britain is such a magnet for immigrants from all over the world.

Just before Stephen Lawrence was brutally killed, a 15-year-old English schoolboy, Richard Everitt, was set upon by a gang of Asian youths in Tottenham and murdered.  Eventually, two youths were charged; one was acquitted, one was released on appeal.  The police stated at the time that their inquiries were hampered by a complete lack of co-operation by the local Asian community.